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Trauma and Stressor-related Disorders: Videos
Acute Stress Disorder

Acute Stress Disorder develops after traumatic events.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Symptoms of PTSD explained.

The core PTSD symptoms of rexperiencing, arousal and avoidance explained by trauma survivor Michele Rosenthal.

Grounding Yourself during a flashback, from the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Treatment for PTSD explained - how can you possibly talk about something so difficult?

Trauma and Dissociation in Children
International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation explaining why children dissociate.

Dissociative Disorders
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Dissociative Identity Disorder explained by Jessica, who lives with it.

This video describes the process of healing from Dissociative Identity Disorder. The main method of treatment if psychotherapy, which consists of three different stages.

Dissociative Identity Disorder - Negotiating with Alters
  See also alters

Dissociative Amnesia
A clinician describes Dissociative Amnesia, then a person with it describes her experience.
Contains a brief description of a suicide method.

Dissociative Fugue
A clinician describes Dissociative Fugue, then a person with it describes his experience.

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