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Editorial Policy

This website includes factuals about psychological trauma and dissociation. No funding or payments in kind have been received from 'Big Pharma', any non-profit or governmental organization, or any other organization or website.

Sources of Information

All information is fully referenced and the vast majority summarizes journal articles and books that reflect the consensus of academics or clinicians who are specialists in the topics being described. When appropriate, a general psychiatric or clinical psychology text have been used, for example a dictionary of psychology or a diagnostic manual. A few pieces of content reflect a particular person's experience or opinion rather than expert consensus, all of which are clearly represented as such, e.g., videos describing a person's experience, the opinions given in the movie reviews, and short quotes from memoirs.
Sources of factual information are numbered and citations can be found under the references heading on each page. Most of the journal articles and many sections of the books that are available free of charge online or through libraries should you wish to read more about a topic, or check the accuracy or context of the information used.

If you wish to suggest a source of information, either for expert views or a self-help resource, or any additional topics or improvements, please complete the feedback form above. View privacy policy

Last updated July 2016