Our Privacy Policy


This website does not collect detailed information about you except for what you type into the feedback form and the store section. If you want to leave anonymous feedback (and don't want a reply) then feel free to leave a pretend e-mail address in the feedback form. There also may be temporary files stored to make it work (for example, cookies are used in the Store section). As with most websites, website hosting companies collects some information about visits, for example which country visits are from, which pages are visited the most, or items you view in the store section. You may wish to use a privacy tool to avoid that, e.g., a web proxy which allows javascript, or a VPN tool like Links from Trauma Dissociation to other websites are likely to contain far more tracking, particularly those that use technology like cookies to allow you to make online purchases (e.g., for buying wristbands).

Questionnaires and Screening Tools
Any questionnaires or screening tools on this website do not save, transmit or store your answers. All questionnaires and screening tools are scored by your own computer or mobile device, using javascript code that is loaded by your web browser along with the page that contains the questions you are answering. Any answers and explanation of results can be cleared by pressing the Reset or Clear button. This means that your individual answers are never even transmitted to this website.

Social Media
If you choose to use the social media sharing buttons (for example, the facebook button) then you are agreeing to pass information about yourself to another website, the website you are connecting to will probably store some information.

Sharing a link to a page containing a questionnaire or screening tool will not share your answers or results.
We don't pass your details onto any other organization.